My name is Spencer Pyne and I’m a devotee of all things low frequency.  Most specifically the beauty, wonder, sound and thunder of the Bass Guitar.........

I have had one in my hands for pretty much as long as I can remember and, with the notable exception of my wife and daughter, they are my most favorite things.

I can be having a really rotten day but if I somehow manage to pick one up and slap, spank or pluck it, I always feel much, much better.

So this is where you will find out all about my love for the Bass and for music in general.  I will tell you about my varied musical projects both past and present as well as the many talented people who have helped me to achieve my personal musical goals.

Music is a mystical and powerful thing that affects all of us in ways we probably don’t even realize.  I’ve always known it was my muse.........

Bass Guitar